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“A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou.” – Omar Khayyam

Paul (Pablo) Mirowski and his brother James began making wine in 1999. In 2007, they decided to make it official by opening Treasure Island Wines. (TIW) on Treasure Island half way across the San Francisco Bay Bridge where you will find stunning views of the City by the Bay. TIW offers the ideal geographic location for wine production with the chill winds of the Bay and access to the major wine regions of California. At TIW, our select group of buccaneer winemakers make fine artisanal wines using traditional old world methods at our unique rustica facility centrally located between the Sonoma, Napa, Livermore and Santa Cruz grape growing regions. We are open on weekends are available for private events within easy striking distance from all cities in the Bay area.

Find Treasure Island Wines at:
Telephone (650) 464-7678
Facsimile (650) 832-1216

Location Address:
Building 201, Room 104, 9th Street (Corner of 9th Street and Avenue H), Treasure Island
San Francisco, Ca. 94130

For More information, go to WWW.TIWINES.COM

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May it please the Court:

On September 29, 2007, (at the former ” Canes” in Mission Beach), and again on April 16, 2010 (at the 4th & B Theatre) the best attorney-led Bands that San Diego has to offer met to do battle at the YNLD sponsored Battle of the Bands. At stake was the ultimate title Best Attorney Band in San Diego. Many Bands stepped up to the plate but only one brought home the Title TWICE. That band was: Rock Justice

Rock Justice was:

Paul (“Snake”) Mirowski – Guitar & Keyboards
Sean Michaels (Foldenauer) – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Candace Dillon – Lead Vocals

Cole Casey – Lead Guitar; Tyler Campbell – Rythm Guitar
Bill Nimo – Drums
Ron Kelly – Bass

2007 Win at Canes
2007 Win at Canes
Paul on Guitar at 4th & B
Paul on Guitar at 4th & B
Stage 4th & B
Stage 4th & B