We at Mirowski & Associates are committed to providing aggressive representation to businesses and residents of the San Diego and Southern California regions. For more than 25 years, Mirowski & Associates have assisted our clients in achieving optimum results by goal oriented, cost effective planning & problem solving and tough-minded negotiation. 




  • BUSINESS CONTRACTS: Rule No. 1 for any Business: Start with a good contract. Contracts are to protect you and to avoid disputes. We will assist you in, negotiating & drafting serious contracts to protect your interests including “Strategy” Counseling.
  • AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION: Rule No. 2 for any Business – avoid litigation – it is costly! We will assist you in a Business Legal Review, i.e., assess your business operation for exposure and to help you to design your business operations to avoid disputes.
  • EMPLOYMENT ISSUES: Employment disputes are a waste of business resources and inevitably injure productivity. We will assist you with Employment / Independent Contractor Agreements, Employment Policies to keep your business on track.
  • GOVERNMENT LIAISON: Sometimes the Government fails to consider you & your business. We will assist you in obtaining the “ear” of your elected officials.
  • INSURANCE DISPUTES: We all pay insurance companies large amounts of money to protect and the unfortunate reality is that they do not always come through when the chips are down. Know your rights!
  • REAL ESTATE MATTERS: Real Estate is often the largest investment made by anyone. Make sure you understand what you are buying before you lay out the cash!


  • CORPORATIONS, LLC & PARTNERSHIPS: We can assist you in forming your business entities including Corporation, LLC’s and Partnerships.
  • ENTITY CONTRACTS AND MAINTENANCE: To maintain the protection offered by an entity, you must maintain the “formalities.” We can assist you in entity maintenance and organizational safeguards such as Shareholder Agreements, Buy-Sell Agreement and other entity contracts.


  • MEDICAL CORPORATIONS: Medical Professionals need specialized contracts and a variety of business considerations  particular to their profession. We assist medical practitioners to create “professional” (medical) corporations for the purpose of limiting their liability and to allow them: (a) To take advantage of financial planning benefits available to corporate entities; (b) To take advantage of special retirement plans; (c) To provide continuity to their business, and, (d) To provide their business with additional income and taxation flexibility.
  • MEDICAL CONTRACTS: Medical professionals are asked to enter into numerous contracts in the course of their profession. Understanding the terms of these agreements is even more important to medical professionals whose future practice will often be subject to and controlled by these agreements. We help our clients to understand the terms. We discuss whether these terms are acceptable and what options are available.


  • ENTERTAINMENT CONTRACTS: The Entertainment Industry has its own special needs and concerns when it comes to the business world. Mirowski’s experience in the entertainment industry is not just theory, it comes from personal experience so he will understand and anticipate your needs. This includes Music / Theatre / Art / Sports Contracts, Issues & Product Endorsement & Submissions.
  • THE MUSIC INDUSTRY: The Music Industry has experienced rapid growth and radical change in the last two decades. Likewise, Recording, Songwriting, Production, Publishing & Management Contracts have changed radically. Many are flat out dangerous. If you do not think these matters are important than ask yourself – Who owns the Beatle’s catalog?
  • MULTI-MEDIA: The San Diego area has witnessed a boom of companies involved in multi-media productions from large advertising companies to small web designers. Each of these productions must concern themselves with issues of “Fair Use,” Acquisition of Rights and Licenses for Audio-Visual and Multimedia Productions, Intellectual Property Rights and Infringement. See “Internet” & “Hi-Tech” Sections of this site.


  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents and Trade Secret Law are how you protect your “IP” rights and most web pages contain “IP.” Business owners realize that the value of their businesses often reside in their “Intellectual Property.” TRADEMARK & COPYRIGHT REGISTRATION: The BEST way to protect your trademarks, services marks and copyrights is to register them. We can help you with Federal, State and International trademark registrations under the “Madrid Protocol.”
  • TRADEMARK/COPYRIGHT DISPUTES & LITIGATION: If you fail to protect and defend the rights granted under trademark and copyright law, you can lose those rights. We can help you protect those rights and if necessary, bring legal action against infringers. We can help you protect your interests and prosecute infringers in State and Federal Courts.
  • IP SECURITY REVIEW: All Tech businesses should conduct an Intellectual Property Security Review on a regular basis. After all common sense tells you that – it is easier to prevent something from being lost than to get it back!
  • CONTRACTS: The Best way to protect your intellectual property is with good contracts. We can assist you in drafting and negotiating the special Contracts and Licenses that are peculiar to your industry.


  • INTERNET USE & ABUSE: As everyone knows, the Internet has had a profound influence on the Arts. Yet, for you to make use of it, you must be able to tell the hype from the truth. Were you surprised at the judge’s ruling in the infringement case regarding the company known as MP3, we were not. Know the difference between Internet use and Internet abuse.
  • INTERNET CONTRACTS: (Don’t leave your homepage without it!) Guess what – the same rules apply to doing business on the internet (with a few additional twists of course). If you are doing business there – you need an internet contract.
  • JURISDICTION: Say What? Jurisdiction simply translates into where (what court – in what State) a person may file a lawsuit if they are so inclined. Now that you have created this business with no borders, have you considered where an unhappy customer (it does happen) may sue you? Alternatively, have you considered where you will have to sue them for non-payment? You better! Consider this: worldwide distribution of your products or services can expose you to worldwide lawsuits. There are things you can do to protect yourself – but you must act before the lawsuit is filed.
  • SECURITY: This is a two-way issue and anyone who has exposed their business or personal computer 24/7 to the “net” must consider the implications – both ways!
  • WHO OWNS IT? This is a question we get all the time – when graphics / and original works are created and no one thought to ask this question! See the “High Tech” issues on this site.
  • DOMAIN NAME DISPUTES: Your domain name is your business and you need to protect it. Like other legal tools – you must act before the lawsuit is filed.
  • SPECIAL NEEDS: The Hi-Tech Industry has special needs and concerns when it comes to the business world. We have experience working with technology based businesses. We can understand and anticipate the special needs of your business. We also are not found in some ivory tower. This means that we will come down to your place of operations, learn your lingo and use your input to design a legal framework to take care of your needs.


  • FEDERAL & STATE WINERY APPLICATIONS: We can assist you in the myriad of complex requirements for obtaining Federal and State Winery Permits.
  • PERMITS: We can assist you in the myriad of complex requirements for obtaining Federal, State and Local Permits.
  • LABEL (COLA) APPROVAL: We can help you obtain approval for labels used for the sale of an alcoholic product, which require approval by the regulatory agencies.